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On-grid inverter

10-20kVA solar inverter

10-20kVA solar inverter
  • Country of origin : China
  • Brand : Electway
  • Model : SG10-20k
  • Certification : CE
  • Warranty : 1 year
  • Packing : 648×686×246mm
  • Delivery time : in stock
  • Payment terms : T/T
  • Loading port : Guangzhou
  • MOQ : 1
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10kVA DC-AC inverter 


Technical Specifications:
                            SG 10KTL      
Input  Data
Max.PV input power 10800W 
Max.PV input voltage 1000V
Sartup voltage 270V
Nominal input voltage 650V
MPP voltage range 250-950V
MPP voltage range for nominal power 250-800V
No. of MPPTs 2
Max. Number of PV strings per MPPT 3/3
Max.PV input current 40A (20A/20A)
Max.current for input connector 10A
Short-circuit of PV 50A (25A/25A)
Output Data
Nominal AC output power 10000W
Max. AC output apparent power 11100VA
Max. AC output current 17A
Norminal AC voltage 3/N/PE, 230/400Vac
AC voltage range 310~450Vac (May vary as per corresponding country’s grid standard)
Norminal grid frequency 50Hz
Grid frequency range 45~55Hz/ 55~65Hz (May vary as per corresponding country’s grid standard)
THD <3%(Nominal power)
DC current injection <0.5% In
Power factor >0.99@default value at nominal power, (adj. 0.9 overexited ~0.9 underexited)
Anti-islanding protection Yes
DC reverse connection protection Yes
AC short circuit protection Yes
leakage current protection Yes
DC switch Integrated
DC fuse NO
Overvoltage protection Varistors
System Data
Max.efficiency 98.00%
Max.European efficiency 97.20%
Isolation method Transformerless
Ingress protection rating IP65 (Fan IP55)
Night power consumption <1 W
Operating ambient temperature range ‘                           -25~60℃ (>45℃ derating)
Allowable relative humidity range 0-95% non-condensation
Cooling methord Smart forced air cooling
Max.operating altitude 4000m(>2000m derating)
Display Graphic LCD
Communication RS485 (RJ45 connector), WiFi (Optional)
DC connection type MC4
AC connection type Plug and play connector (Amphenol C16_L)
Cerification EN62109-1, EN62109-2, EN61000-6-2, EN61000-6-3
VDE0126-1-1, CEI-021, C10/C11, EN50160, RD1669,
IEC61727, UTE C 15-712-1, EN50438, AS/NZS3100,
AS4777.2, AS4777.3, G59/2, VDE-AR-N-4105, BDEW,
CGC compliance
Mechanical Data
Dimension(WXHXD) 648×686×246mm
Mounting method Wall bracket
Weight 50kg

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