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Car battery

VARTA car battery

VARTA car battery
  • Country of origin : China
  • Brand : VARTA
  • Model : LPC series
  • Certification : CCC
  • Warranty : 3 years
  • Packing : carton
  • Delivery time : in stock
  • Payment terms : T/T
  • Loading port : Guangzhou
  • MOQ : 1
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A VARTA Blue car battery is among the strongest and best available on the market today. They are built to be efficient, durable, long-lasting and powerful. In addition, they are enhanced with the latest and most innovative technology. These fine batteries provide supreme cold start performance and are designed to resist corrosion and battery failure.

VARTA Blue batteries are engineered to perform, resist weather all conditions and to be maintenance-free. They are also designed to outlast any other battery. The makers of VARTA Blue car batteries are determined to create top quality and top performing batteries. In addition, the manufacturers are constantly at work to improve and optimize the performance and strength of their batteries. The makers of VARTA Blue batteries have years of experience and have created the best available car batteries. Their dedication has made VARTA a leading car battery brand that is known around the world for their reliability, power and performance.

One of the reasons why VARTA Blue car batteries are so strong is the inner energy they provide for vehicles. Users of VARTA batteries can be confident that their vehicles will run and operate smoothly and effectively day in and day out. VATRA Blue batteries are up to the task. Car owners who use a VARTA Blue battery are assured the battery will perform time after time.

VARTA Blue car batteries are ideal for today’s high-tech automobiles that rely on advanced technology and that use electronics to function. Car owners will find that there are many benefits of purchasing a VARTA BLUE battery to operate their vehicle. For one, they are the most reliable brand. Secondly, these batteries are a very popular and well trusted brand. Lastly, they have a long life expectancy and are built to perform.

The VARTA BLUE brand is a well-respected battery, and it is built to meet and exceed expectations of dependability and performance. VARTA Blue car batteries offer superior starting and are extremely safe to use.

VARTA Blue car batteries are among the most advanced and are one of leading car batteries in the world. In addition, there is not a better performing or longer lasting battery available today.


Item Capacity (AH) Brand Dimension (mm) Weight  (kg) battery type Voltage (V)
6-QW-70(500) 70 VARTA 257*172*220 18 Car battery 12
6-QW-60(475) 60 VARTA 257*170*225 17 Car battery 12
6-QW-70L(500) 70 VARTA 257*172*220 18 Car battery 12
6-QW-82(640) 82 VARTA 315*174*190 22 Car battery 12
6-QW-45L(325) 45 VARTA 236*127*227 13 Car battery 12
6-QW-72L(700) 72 VARTA 277*174*190 19 Car battery 12
6-QW-60(580)L 60 VARTA 242*175*190 17 Car battery 12
6-QW-100720L 100 VARTA 354*174*190 28 Car battery 12
6-QW-80(622)L 80 VARTA 318*180*250 22 Car battery 12
6-QW-60(420)L 60 VARTA 230*172*220 17 Car battery 12
6-QW-54(460)L 54 VARTA 293*175*175 17 Car battery 12
H9-110-L(950) 110 VARTA 394*174*190 48 Car battery 12


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