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Dry type transformer

30-2500kVA SCB10(11) epoxy dry transformer

30-2500kVA SCB10(11) epoxy dry transformer
  • Country of origin : China
  • Brand : Electway
  • Model : SC(B) 10/11
  • Certification : CCC
  • Warranty : 10 years
  • Packing : wooden
  • Delivery time : 3 month
  • Payment terms : T/T
  • Loading port : Guangzhou
  • MOQ : 1
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SC (B) 10, SC (B) 11 (F grade) epoxy resin insulation dry type transformer,

Features: fire performance good: use place without special requirement of fire; Install economy: can be installed in near load, greatly reduce the cost of the installation; No maintenance: does not exist on the environment pollution caused by the oil leakage problem; Moisture proof: can be in 100% humidity operation; Insulation performance is good: local power put less than 10 PC, lightning shock resistance properties is good; High temperature resistant sex: can bear high temperature, all the materials for class F (155 ℃), the rated capacity of 30-2500 KVA, no-load loss: 215-4500 W, load loss (75 ℃) 655-15875 W, (120 ℃) 750-18180 W, short-circuit impedance: 4-6%, specifications amount and packing according to customers' request processing customized.

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