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  • Country of origin : China
  • Brand : ELECTWAY
  • Model : HF series
  • Certification : CE
  • Warranty : 2 year
  • Packing : wooden
  • Delivery time : 15 working days
  • Payment terms : T/T
  • Loading port : Guangzhou
  • MOQ : 5 PCS


Service terms:

1.ELECTWAY can supply to door installation&commissioning service.The cost is $120 for one person per day.

2.The cost of round-trip airfare andother transportation fares and accommodation expenses and other fees for all sending person was paid by buyer.

3.ELECTWAY can supply UPS system design and UPS solution service for free after sale contract was signed.

4.ELECTWAY’s UPS warranty 3 years and battery warranty 1 year.For urgent repairing , we promise within 48hours reach the site which UPS was located.


MODEL HF 3320L HF 3330L HF 3340L HF 3360L HF 3380L
Rated Power 20KVA/16KW 30KVA/24KW 40KVA/32KW 60KVA/48KW 80KVA/64KW
Voltage  380/400/415VAC(-45%~+25%)
Frequency  50/60Hz
Phase 3Ph+N+G
Power Factor >0.99
Voltage  380/400/415VAC(-15%~+15%)
Phase 3Ph+N
Frequency 50/60Hz
Overload Capability <150%, normally running
Battery Voltage 336/360/384VDC
Charging Current 1-10A(setting by battery capacity)
Phase 3Ph+N
Voltage 380/400/415VAC±1%
Frequency  50/60Hz
Power Factor 0.8
THD  <2%(linear load); <4%(non-linear load)
Overload Capability <105% normally running;105%-125% 10min; 125%-150% 1min; 150% 1ms
Waveform Pure Sine Wave
Transfer Time <10ms
Efficiency >93%
Cooling Fan Cooling
Communication Interface RS232,RS485,SNMP card, Dry Contact
Display LCD+LED
Operating Temperature 0-40
Humidity 0-95% non-condensing
Altitude <4000m(derated 1% per 100m above 2000m)
Noise Level <50dB <60dB <65dB
Protection Level IP20
Storage Temperature -25~55
Dimension(W×D×H mm) 420×646×956 470×714×1160 600×800×1850
Weight(Kg) 80 120 120 282 306
Specification is subject to change without prior notice.

The HF33 20-80K series UPS is applicable to small and medium-sized data centers, network management center, computer rooms for enterprises, or able to provide solutions to conditions like voltage instantaneous drop-off or damping concussion, high-voltage pulse, voltage pulsation, surge voltage, harmonic distortion, and frequency fluctuation. HF33 20-80K series UPS provide customers safe and sound power supply.


Excellent performance in industrial environment protection
Just with the standard product, IP21 protection level (protecting the machine from the intrusion of solid material with the diameter
larger than 12mm or the water drops) is achieved. If a higher protection level is required, the optional dust-proof accessories can
help to increase the protection level in industrial environment and safeguard the ups security when operation in bad environment.


N+X parallel redundancy (battery share in the parallel mode
The maximum of the inbuilt parallel mode is 8 UPS without any other external accessories, which helps the customer to extend the
system capacity with low cost. N stands for the minimum amount of UPS in the load and X stands for the amount of redundant UPS
in the system. The bigger the number of X is, the higher the reliability of the system.The advanced controlling strategy decrease customer's investment by sharing battery group in the parallel redundancy mode.

Intelligent management of battery charging and discharging
The advanced battery intelligent charging technology enables the UPS's charger to rectify the charging parameter, and provide
the optimum charging modes in different environment, types and amounts of cells, and the using condition of the battery. The
scientific charging mode extends the battery's lifetime. The optional addition to charging units shortens battery charging time.


Front board operation and maintenance
The smart module design and front board design make the users operation more conveniently and easily.

Remote monitoring
Communication interfaces like RS232/RS485, Intelligent Slot of JingFuYuan Company are available for the realization of remote
management and monitoring.

High-efficient DSP chip
The digital Ti DSP controlling chip provides precise data processing capability with excellent performance in output and reliability.

Outstanding electric property
The efficiency of the machines is as high as 93% and reaches over 98% in the ECO mode, which can help reduce the power loss of UPS.Th factor that the technology of IGBT FM intelligent rectifier and inverter is used , the input power factor is as high as 0.99, and
the input current harmonic wave is as low as 3%,which makes the output voltage electric property more extraordinary.Powerful overload capacity: the ups can work normally up to 10 mins under the condition of 110-125% load and 1 minute in load of 125-150%. It also has the output short circuit protection capability


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