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Transformer substation

30-1000kVA American cabinet type transformer

30-1000kVA American cabinet type transformer
  • Country of origin : China
  • Brand : Electway
  • Model : ZGS11(9)
  • Certification : UL
  • Warranty : 10 year
  • Packing :
  • Delivery time : 30 days
  • Payment terms : T/T,L/C
  • Loading port : Guangzhou
  • MOQ : 1
American cabinet type transformer ,floor-transformer,Preloaded type substation,preparatory transformer substation


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The combined American box transformer product performance and characteristics

ZGS11(9) - Z-30 ~2500 /10 /0.4

1, product use

The combined American box transformer is a transformer, high voltage load switch, fuse elements together in a transformer oil tank, was immersed in oil, element volume is greatly reduced, more compact structure, convenient installation, flexible. Fully insulated, sealed structure, safety and reliability, convenient operation, maintenance free.Widely used in residential quarters, high industry center, factories, airports, railway stations, schools and other places.

2, product characteristics

2.1 has the advantages of compact structure, small volume, convenient installation, flexible;

2.2fully insulated, sealed structure, safe and reliable, maintenance-free, reliable safety protection;

2.3high side by a pair of fuse protection, which is inserted into the fuse fuse fuse for UNIKA ( temperature, current),backup fuses current-limiting fuses, reduces the operation cost;

2.4use of high-voltage lines into the cable connector structure, insulation, safety and reliability, convenient operation;

2.5not only can be used for ring network, and can be used for the terminal, the switch is convenient, improve the reliability of power supply

Three phase three column transformer for2.6or three phase five column structure, core adopts a ladder joint processor rolled iron core technology, low noise, low loss, anti short circuit and overload capability.

2.7 using vacuum drying and vacuum oiling of the special technology, our company will be used in110kV products the process extends to the 10kV products, in order to improve product quality to provide strong protection.

The 2.8box body according to the running environment required by design and special paint anticorrosion treatment,with "three defenses" function, namely anti condensation, salt fog resistance, mildew resistant function, and can meet the requirements of high temperature, high humidity environment protection requirement.

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